Worlds Inside the Worlds [Secret Mixes]

We often glimpse at things, events and situations in our life. Just a fleet glance, and we seem to know all about what or whom we look at. This habit prevents to receive a new impression of the world around, to know better the person you communicate with and yourself, to understand the reason for your actions. Our inadvertency can be referred to music also.

I have decided to make some changes and to get a new angle on some compositions in album Worlds Inside the Worlds. I would like to make my arrangement as mysterious, sometimes warm, sometimes bright.

Definitely, composition Asleep Civilization is about our civilization. I think that most people do not know that they fly at the rate of 107 thousand km/h aboard a huge spaceship – the Earth. And this is just orbital velocity, this is even not the Milky Way galaxy flying. The comprehension of such space movement helps me to keep away earth problems, to look at our life as from the space point of view.

The Moon. The cold, unknown, our native, our unique Moon. There is a theory that the life arose only due to the fact that millions years ago the Moon was much closer to the Earth. With its gravitation it mixed the world ocean like with a huge spoon causing storms, hurricanes, earthquakes. Over years its effect decayed and conditions for new life appeared. When a child I often admired the Moon. I could see a female face of its surface. It seemed to me that the Moon looked at the Earth like the mother, and the father is our Sun.

Worlds inside the worlds is simultaneously difficult and easy to understand. We are surrounded with invisible, incomprehensible worlds. For example, let`s consider man. Each of us is individual, but we consist of living cells which do not obey us. They have their own world, we have ours. By analogy we can imagine that we too are a part of a huge organism. We seem to live for ourselves, but really we keep the life in “it”. Probably this is that very way which the Worlds Inside Worlds follow.

Ashterra has a lot of mysterious and fine compositions. Each of them can be carefully studied, modified, looked under different angles, and can open out something new and interesting. I have dared to change only three tracks. May be later I will dive into the others, I will see in them other unknown worlds, open new vistas, realize connection of man with the enclosing World. But it will happen only if I do not forget how to understand the language created by the vibration of the nature, stars, space, our Universe – the language of music.

The River of Times

The River of Time is the river of life, a stream created by the nature. Once been born we dip into its water and start our own way. The River is both severe and endearing. Vortexes and whirls toss us about, they exhaust us, purify, make us tired, and its tender, cozy and warm flows waken us and fill with energy.

The River of Times allows us to choose our way in its bed. The River is a careful teacher for those whose hearts and minds opened, who are bored to sail uncontrolled and thoughtlessly. I am delighted with comprehension of such a movement, such an opportunity to develop ourselves!

I like to stop in a busy street, to close my eyes and to feel its presence in everything. Crystal water is flowing in every breathe. Its energy exists in the flight of a bird and in the rustle of trees, it is in our hatred and love, in our melancholy and joy, in our desire to create and destroy.

I can see how a slightest movement keeps circles on its surface. They spread in different ways, reflect from barriers are come back, at different times, with different force. This is the answer to our main question “ Why?”. We receive back what we have launched in our River.

Listening album The River of Times I feel our Earth`s heat beat and the pulse of our beautiful blue planet which, like us, exists in the stream of life and consolidates all of us, all life times, all events.

Composition The First Eagle Flight opens for me vast of forests and fields wreathed by rivers. I feel energy of the incoming flow which is bracing and renewing me. I feel the freedom which allows me to see happening events from outside, easily and quietly, without personal interests, without clich?s and labels. To know how to hear and how to see is the real freedom, freedom from ourselves.

Listening Paradise on Earth I imagine myself on the young Earth, in a period when the mankind left no imprint yet, when the whole ecosystem was harmonious, where every living organism executed its work, created and helped others. And again I can see that effective development is possible only in the harmonic environment, in the harmonious system.

Light and transparent composition Awakening tells me about birth of a new day. This freshness feels when I see the sunrise by my favorite huge lake. The sun is rising just from its waves, and it is as if sun rays destroy night calmness, a breeze starts and everything around comes to life.

Adding the album to your collection you make a right choice, but only if you can feel the environment as a uniform living organism, and the folks about you as your own reflection. This is your music only if you are able to experience disinterested love to winds, stars, people, to experience love simply because you live here and now.

Have a nice dip!

ROMAN Music Records

ROMAN Music is a family. We unite people from different countries, because our music is the universal language, prepossessing to the knowledge of yourself and the surrounding world. Released albums is a painstaking hard work over the smallest details in the arrangement and earnest love for the sound quality of each composition. Only doing so we are able to recreate as closely as possible the spiritual idea and the atmosphere in which the composer was diring the record.

Ethereal Pilgrim – Video – Gulf Stream

Watch new video and download soundtrack “Gulf Stream” for free in Apple Lossless format.


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