The sounding of this word reproduces ideally the mystique soul of the project capable of carrying along. Decorated with elaborate arrangement of various musical instruments, the atmospheric sounds make up music which, step by step, lead the listener to a road of the secrets of the universe gradually expanding one’s consciousness so that the journey can last forever as there is no limit to perfection.

Our life is an infinite number of relations and interactions. Having learnt how to notice and understand these relations we open new horizons of perception, and this is where Ashterra music can help us. With its magic Ashterra shrouds your feelings in such a way that in a certain period you start feeling the answer to your question, and from this point all is in your hands, you only need to make a push for unraveling a mystery.

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The project “Edelis” represents an interesting mixture of styles Ambient, New-Age, electronic and ethnic music. The compositions are created with the use of modern electronic instruments combined with ethnic instruments, which engenders a very interesting mood sounding comparable with the projects Amethystium, Workbench, Karunesh…

The Russian composer and producer of the project “Edelis” was born on 22 September, 1981 in a small town Pokrovsk (now Engels) of Saratov region. Some time after Vladimir with his family moved to a quiet small town Melovoye, secluding himself from the fuss, where he lives now…

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Ethereal Pilgrim

In spite of the fact, that project was created in 2010, its history started much earlier. The core of the “Ethereal pilgrim’s” idea came up in 2000 along with the first musical project named “Rhythm of Mankind & Nature”.
The project “Ethereal Pilgrim” was synthesized from the original “ROM&N” due to the longstanding experimental practices in sound, the desire to combine harmoniously atmospheric electronics with complex rhythms, soft or cosmic vocals and author’s intellectual development.

All along this difficult way to the perception of himself, the composer / producer was always seeking to astral/musical journeys. With each song they have supplemented the author’s conception of the world.

These compositions can be referred to such styles as Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge, New Age, Pop.

But the author does not limit this list. “As for me, music is the search and discovery of the new frontiers”, – Roman says.

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Rhythm of Mankind & Nature

The musical project «Rhythm of Mankind & Nature» was founded in 2000. Its purpose was creating the mood music able to heighten the listener’s perception of the surrounding World. Composed as based on electronic sounding, the music is harmoniously supplemented by live instruments and vocal, creating both melancholic, warm, gentle pieces causing delight, the feeling of flight, cosiness and comfort and depressive melodies able to remind one of complicatedlife problems.

In 2003 the project founder, a Russian composer/producer Roman Pavlov, concluded a contract with the English publishing house – Label Raw42. The result of cooperation was the release of album Relax – collected compositions in discs Raw42 andBE52 Records, as well as the advertising of Isabella Rossellini perfume.

From2006 Roman has organized own small label ROMAN Music Records for a narrow circle of composers, and has signed the contract with distributor Isolation Network Electronic Music / BMI, San-Francisco, USA.

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