To the Edge of the Universe

Stars have been of special interest for me since I was a kid. I have always been excited about the Universe, so huge and wise. I wanted to go travelling through the Universe, observing the Earth from the Moon, discover other exoplanets, other civilizations, study laws of life for every living thing in the World. I feel that my curiosity helps me see many earthly problems through different eyes.

In January 2013 I started recording the album originally called “Journey to the Moon” but after a while it became evident that my astral spacecraft was reaching far beyond the solar system.

Above all, “To the Edge of the Universe” is remarkable because it is a single track nominally divided into 12 parts, and each part only serves to guide the listener to know and feel the current part and the next part of the track, but the album is a single whole. As for me, the soundtrack accompanies my imagination.

As I started recording the album I had very vague idea of its structure but as soon as I finished recording the first 6 minutes, it merely struck me and I realized that “Escape Velocity” was the right start, the right thing to break through the Earth gravity and break free flying away. My friend listened to the track and said, “you seem to like synthesized sounds a lot”. I was ready with my answer: “we use technologies, and our spacecraft has been launched”.

The flowing parts are emotional: “Solar Wind”, “Drifting in Space”, “The Universal Symphony”, you hear melodies, tunes, rhythms, see images, and all the way to “Morning Breath” you float in the stream of events and experience various feelings – from thrill and excitement in ‘Taken Aback”, to tender and unconditional love for the world around us in “We’re Divided to Become One”.

The names of the track were my attempt to hint at the mysteries the listener can hear and read, to answer the question “what is concealed in this very track?”, if curiosity wins of course.

The album includes a few riddles of this kind and as you solve them you will derive more pleasure.

“To the Edge of the Universe” became the spacecraft of my childhood dreams and now a rescue shuttle where I can hide taking time on the Earth’s orbit and for a short while feel free from all human vices and strange human nature….and then back to the Earth to create more music worlds capable of making a person better.

Enjoy the journey.

12 tracks, 33min 30sec

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