Follow Me

A mild, delicate, relaxing album “Follow Me” by “Rhythm of Mankind and Nature” project. An unconventional approach of the producer to creating an album makes a music capable of capturing your imagination. For 50 minutes, with smooth transitions from one composition to another, a mysterious, inexplicable World is forming in your consciousness. The producer’s natural gift of being able to set up atmospheric, musical Worlds attracts listeners throughout the World.

A special, unique combination of sounds and rhythms, the workmanlike, inimitable sleeve artwork make the album stand out from similar musical styles. A new, voluminal sounding, harmonic combination of melodies signify a professional approach of the maker of the project to atmospheric genres. A delicate, complex, and meticulous work of the sound engineer helps create a required depth and clearance of every sound in the music picture. Listening the album “Follow Me”, one gets an impression that the producer knows the secrets of the effects sound makes on man. All who heard the recording will say that it opened in them something inexplicable and new.

We wish pleasant listening to you.

12 tracks, 53min 00sec

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