To the Edge of the Universe

Stars have been of special interest for me since I was a kid. I have always been excited about the Universe, so huge and wise. I wanted to go travelling through the Universe, observing the Earth from the Moon, discover other exoplanets, other civilizations, study laws of life for every living thing in the World. I feel that my curiosity helps me see many earthly problems through different eyes.

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Antarctica (Single)

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Worlds Inside the Worlds

The Russian-based atmospheric, ambient, and space music group, Ashterra, is spearheaded by Vladimir Volodin and Roman Pavlov. The new album, Worlds Inside The Worlds, is an intergalactic romp through outer space if musical instruments resided in different galaxies. The result is a twelve-track album that is wholly instrumental and steeped in the electronic world of keyboards and avant-garde sounds.

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Worlds Inside the Worlds [Teaser]


Russian-born composer and producer, Vladimir Volodin (aka Edelis), creates a moving album of new age, ambient, atmospheric, and down-tempo delight with an eighteen-minute release that includes four different tracks. The instrumental songs represent an adventurous romp on a heavenly side with wispy electronics, blurby percussion, worldly sounds, and diverse beats. The music is steeped in chill-out and lounge with mystical elements that transport listeners to the outer dimensions of human perception.

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Micro Macro

Gulf Stream – Single

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Gulf Stream

Another Life

Worlds Inside the Worlds EP

Our goals are achieved! We are pleased to present the debut mini album of space, extraordinary Ashterra project named “Worlds Inside the Worlds” EP

By its sound this EP opens another mystical trend of our label. 4 tracks is only a small portion of the big trip, consisting of 12compositions.

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